Federation of Ontario Memorial Societies –
Funeral Consumer Alliance

FOOMS-FCA works tirelessly to keep the good people of Ontario, Canada informed of changes in regulation and protocol within the funeral and memorial industries.

Please have a look at the ‘List of Societies’ page to support your related local memorial society.  We also invite you to connect through email and on Twitter.

NOW THAT YOU HAVE FOUND US – Please get to know us –

  • FOOMS-FCA is the only consumer advocate organization with background knowledge of the bereavement sector and death-care goods and services.

  • FOOMS-FCA has presented the consumer point of view to the Ontario government (Ministry of Government and Consumer Services) during reviews and revisions of the death-care sector legislation – Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act and Regulations.

  • FOOMS-FCA promotes respect for ethical practices and lower cost considerations for death-care goods and services and makes recommendations to the appropriate Ontario ministries.

  • FOOMS-FCA continues to monitor the administration of the Ontario legislation (Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act) and helps ensure that consumer protection and access to alternatives continues.

  • FOOMS-FCA plans to continue activities as consumer advocate and watchdog of the death-care industry in future.

  • FOOMS-FCA was established in 1984 by the memorial societies across Ontario as an umbrella organization to represent them and the public in interactions with the provincial government with respect to death-care goods and services.

  • FOOMS-FCA wants more people to be aware of their rights regarding their funeral arrangements and of their responsibility to plan for them pre-need. This will relieve their survivors of some of the emotional and financial stress when death occurs.

  • FOOMS-FCA needs your interest and support. We invite you to join one of the memorial societies listed, as they support the cause of public information, consumer protection and access to alternatives.

  • FOOMS-FCA has no financial connections with funeral establishments, cemeteries or crematoria, and operates as a non-profit, volunteer-run organization with an executive elected annually from memorial societies across the province of Ontario.

October 2014