Green burials

Hello, everyone,

My name is Judith Wouk, and I am the Green Burial co-ordinator for the Funeral Information Society of Ottawa.

I have just agreed to blog from time to time on issues related to green burials.  This first post is to see if there is any interest, and, frankly, to see if I can figure out how the system works.


4 thoughts on “Green burials

  1. Thanks Judith for beginning this blog information service. Please continue. The “Cause” will grow if we are all patient and mutually supportive. Incidentally, I live in Hamilton and am just beginning my research on green or ‘close to green’ burials or other means of dealing with my remains after death.


  2. Thanks, Judith, for doing this. It is a very worth while effort. I belong to both this group and the funeral co-op (which will be my back-up arrangement if the School of Anatomy is unable to accept my body).

    Your name sounds familiar, we may have met when we both worked for Justice Canada.

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