What you can do

–          Ask questions about the environmental impact of your choices with regard to final disposition of remains.  Choose a funeral home that responds in an appropriate manner.

–          Remember that the “greenest” choice is not always the least expensive

–          Consider an In Memoriam donation to an environmental fund

–          Help the Funeral Information Society of Ottawa (FISO) compile more detailed information on methods of dealing with human remains as it relates to their environmental impact in Ottawa.  If you have information on this from a local funeral home, cemetery, or religious organization, please contact us at fiso at ncf dot ca (in the usual form for an email)


One thought on “What you can do

  1. I have attempted to contact the Guelph office via phone and email (memorialsociety_guelph@hotmail.com) but no one returns my call or emails. My mother insists my father paid a fee for services through the memorial society of Guelph and I would like to contact them immediately. Can you assist me in either getting them to contact or me or determining if fees were paid to them. Thank you in advance. Susan Fauth on behalf of Hans Fauth of Guelph Ontario. I can be reached at 416-459-8251

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